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Transfer platform of the future, accessible today
TransferWind is a platform where football clubs and agents can connect with professional, semi-professional and amateur, male or female football players from all over the world. Club representatives and agents still lose a lot of time and resources to get in touch with players. At the end of the line, communication still ends up with "the guy who knows the guy" logic. Young talents get spotted pretty quickly, but being first in a row to contact him/her could be a game changing opportunity. Focus of the platform is to facilitate finding crucial foodball market information. Our goal is to digitize the football market, therefore TransferWind should not be considered as a social network - it is much more.
How do we help clubs?
With TransferWind powerful filtering and search, find players of special qualities, open for trial or for negotiation, or players who fit in the team's way of playing style. Skip using different channels to discover crucial information about the player or his agent, instead find out from the player itself and follow his grow. You know what you need, but have no concrete name? No problem, make requests to other clubs or agents. Avoid reducing a player's value by leaving him on reserves. Instead, use Transfer Wind feature to find an appropriate club for a loan where more people will see him in action. Our team validates every player's profile created on the platform to prevent misleading information. Maybe your new wonderkid is just one click away, so stay tuned for many more features to come.
Mobile app for players only
TransferWind mobile app is intended for you - ambitious football player who doesn't wait to be discovered but takes real steps to find a new club, make a transfer, go on loan or find an agent. Download TransferWind app, create professional profile and fill in your data as accurately as possible. To prevent misleading information, our team will validate your profile and let you know once it's approved. We know discretion is very important in a world of football transfers, therefore, your profile will only be visible to clubs and agents but not to other players. So, this is not another social network, but a digital transfer pool where you create an opportunity for top clubs to notice you.
Here you can find APK for Huawei or other android unsupported devices.
How do we help agents?
It is never enough of new contacts! Creating new connections with clubs and players is opening one more door for new possibilities and opportunities. With TransferWind get in touch directly with potential clients and clubs. Searching through players profiles, we are sure you will find an interesting agentless player whom you can request a mandat. If you already represent a player, invite him/her to join TransferWind and contact a suitable club.